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SendMe Promotion Radio Commercial

Get your goods and services Ad campaign up and running before the New Year. SendMe Promotion can advertise your business and social events across our platform globally no matter which country you reside.  We will create your radio or TV commercial and make it available for you to purchase and download ou our website. Or we can promote your business or social event across our SendMe platform on SendMe Radio, SendMe Podcast, and here on our website. With SendMe Radio "You Are A Celebrity" we will share your message with the world and help in the growth of your business. 

Get in touch with us so that we can discuss your needs. 

SendMe Promotion Radio Commercial

  • We can create your 30 second radio commercial and run it on our platform with our fall sale now in progress. With this deal you will get 20 slots on our Promote Me radio stations. If you need additional slots give us a call and we can also run your ad on our SendMe Radio Podcast.   

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